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Hey, I’m Aakash Malhotra.

A digital marketing consultant who determined to make a business grow. My only question is, will it be yours?

We help businesses rapidly scale revenue by getting more clients/customers using a combination of organic and paid marketing and the face behind the highest campaign ROIs.

Specialising in digital marketing consultation and strategy which directly helps us derive results by a proprietary process developed based out of a combination of direct response marketing and understanding social behavior.

Our expertise is the psychology of running high yielding Advertising Campaigns whether that is through our fully managed private client work, our consulting, our intensive training events or keynote speaking.

Marketers Lie, Numbers Don’t

The most important number is not CPC (Cost per Click), ad spend, or even revenue. It is ROI (or ROAS – Return On Ad Spend).

How can I help you?

Whether you are looking for a digital marketing consultant to find the solution and break the monotony hampering your business growth or agency to run all of your marketing to maximize your next product launch with multiple 7-figure revenue numbers. Receive the most results-based consulting to maximize returns or learn how to do it yourself, we have you covered.


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Accelerator Consulting

Private consulting to analyze your current sales process and re-build / optimize it for instant improved return on advertising spends.

Having A Product Launch

Leverage our years of experience to reach your companies full potential. Fully Managed, Advertising and Online Marketing Services.

The solution for all your marketing pain points.

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